How does

it work?

Clavel Design is a place where we support independent artists in a sostenible way.

Through our website, artists can show the whole world their creations while we are in charge of their creations and their promotion, manufacturing, selling and distribution.

1. Idea

What is your original idea?
Have you ever thought of someone wearing one of your designs?

We can help you get it!

2. Strategy

Have you decided what type of clothes, the quality, the time you want to exhibit it (between 1-50 days) and its prize?

You can calculate your income using the calculator.

3. Design

Send us your designs and together we will work it out, making sure that we get to the best possible result.

4. Promotion

Once we have approved the campaign we will drop it on our website and start the publicity straight away. We will post it over social media to share with your followers and friends. We will make sure we reach our own base clients as well, adding them to your own followers.

We will keep the pre-orders during the arranged exhibition tie and when it expires we will produce and send them to the clients.

5. Till

When the exhibition and selling time expires, you will receive the percentage previously arranged of everything that has been sold.

More features


We want to be in close contact to the clients solving ann issues as quick as possible.


We will share with you information about who has been interested in your products so you can study your target and improve your future campaigns.


We will share with you data and statistics about your products. In this way you can reinforce your own brand for future campaigns.


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