Hello World!


Hello everyone!

We are Clavel Design and we are very proud to present this textile project, which we have been working on and shaping for a long time. What a long wait it has been for us until this day!

Although we belong to the textile world, we are not simply a clothing brand; Clavel is passion, love, culture, respect for the environment, freshness and desire, much desire, to break with the established and revolutionize the relationship we have with our clothes.

We have come to give a twist to what today represents the most classic textile industry, we position ourselves against fast – fashion and mass consumption of clothing without any identity. We want clothes with character, that speak of us and that support an increasingly necessary and urgent change. There are more and more of us who see the world differently, and we firmly believe that, through small individual actions, global changes are generated.


We have a clear motto: Think collective, dress independent.

With Clavel Design we seek to create a content and a concept of value. We want to offer a creative, collaborative and interconnection space between artists and ideas. In short, a space where you can share different ways of seeing the world through a clear common thread: clothing.

The Clavel community is born here, and we want you to be part of it; we want you to be one more part of this textile, cultural and innovative project, concerned about sustainability, art, the need to create networks and the constant struggle to make a place for ourselves in the world, while respecting what we believe in.

It has been a hard road to get here, but finally, Clavel Design is a reality, and we are here to stay.

Stay tuned, this adventure has just begun, will you join us?


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